Elite Team & Student’s Committee Selection

The very first ROBOFORCE Elite Team & Student’s Committee ready to action! An intensive training is conducted in a week, and the shortlisted students are required to build their project in group with the theme: Contactless System for During-Post Covid19.

Total 10 of the shortlisted students (1 of them received ASEAN Scholarship and went to Singapore for her further education) had gone through the Arduino Crash Course, 3D Modeling & Fundamentals of 3D Printing, Computer User Interface Development using Python, and Project Management. They are required to pitch the project and build it in the given 2 weeks!

6 of them are selected into the Elite Team and 3 of them are in the Student’s Committee:

Elite Team:

  • Team Manager: Celine Lim
  • Secretary: Zareefa
  • Treasurer: Brandon Choy
  • Members: Gan Ching Kang, Adalince See, Tan Yi Xuan

Student’s Committee:

  • Chairman: Tan Yi Kai
  • Tai Jia Xuan
  • Bryan Choy

The projects developed by the students are:

  • SOP Checker Device
    • It is an entrance system that required visitor to scan the QR code for visitation record using an mobile app, automatic record the temperature & apply hand sanitizer to enter the venue place. The system will not allowed the user to pass if any of the procedure is not done.
  • Elevator Contactless System
    • Based on the research, one of the high possible infection method by Covid-19 is physical contact. Hence, the students designed a contactless elevator system that allowed user to press the “up/down” button and the floor selection buttons using the sensor and motor. It is an add-on device that can be custom-made and direct attach to the existing buttons.
  • Multifunctional Prompt Board
    • This is a sign-board with a walk way to create awareness on COVID-19 prevention, a camera is attached that allowed the security to monitor the incoming visitor, when a visitor is passing through the walkway with sensors without scanning the temperature and apply hand sanitizer, the buzzer will turn on, and the camera will capture the visitor who are not complying to the SOPs for further action.

The student’s committee is playing a role model to the other students by encouraging the discovery spirit of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics, they are also will be organizing events for the other students to have a better learning experience in RoboForce!

Last but not least, let’s look forward for more projects and achievements by our RoboForce Elite Team!

For any inquiries:

Email: general@roboforce.com.my



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