Hello, LadyBug!

~LadyBug is also called lucky bug, let's spread the luck to the world~

Lady Bug, a robotic kit suitable for STEM education that designed and develop by RoboForce. It is inspired by the one of the common used industrial robot, Automatic Guided Vehicle (AGV)

Strong Chassis

Easy to Learn


Charge and Program in 1 Cable

High Performance

Inspired by Automatic Guided Vehicle (AGV), a type of robot that is used in multiple industries.

Compatible to block programming (scratch).

Compatible to ArduinoC programming (Arduino).

Project Ideas

Basic Extension Features

Mechanical Assembly

Download and Install LadyBug Extension for mBlock 3

Using LadyBug Robot as Arduino (Micro-controller)

Softwares | Downloads | Sample Code

Block Programming Software

LadyBug Extension     (Update 18-09-2023) 

Obstacle Avoiding Robot (Sample Code)

Line Following Robot Robot (Sample Code)

Bluetooth Controlled Robot (Sample Code)

RoboForce Remote Control App (Android)