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Digital Hard cover Embossing Machine

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Compared to traditional hardcover embossing machine which is less flexibility. This machine allowed user to emboss any font and logo needed, by just applying a picture file into the computer software.

University Electronic Lab Kit

University Training Kit

The electronic lab kit to let the university’s student to perform electronic experiment in the lab session. The experiment kit allowed the training run in safer environment and lower down the rate of maintenance. 

Single RFID Stamping Machine

The single RFID Stamping machine is mainly design for QC/QA purpose. The features including suction, temperature setting, height adjustment and pressing time control.

AGV Touch Screen Protector


Designed and fabricate protector for touch screen. This product is applied on about 250 units of AGV in manufacturing plant.

Parcel Retriever Machine


Designed and fabricate embedded system for the operation of the parcel retrieving machine.

Bus Body PCB Modules


The bus PCB modules, fuse and relay PCB design according to the layout requested.

Wireless Data Extender

Wireless data extender, allowed machine to transmit data wirelessly in the manufacturing plant

Marketing Product

When marketing have to be interesting by implementing technology, engineer comes in…

Digital Interactive Product

Impress the client via digital technology

Machinery Gimmick

Things getting more cool when robotics and automation get involved


Experiencing sample/tester product with the sensation of technology advancement

Mobile controlled Fragrance Sprayer


Client experience the scent and theme music of the perfume by pressing a button in mobile app in designated space.

4 in 1 Refillable Perfume Scent Dispenser


Dispense 4 types of perfume scent according to the client selection. (refillable)

App Controlled Sample Dispenser

Customer select sample from the app, the sample will be dispense from the dispensing machine

Digital Display with Sensing Feature

When shoppers stand in front of the display panel, the panel will display the designed contents

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