What parents should know about coding?

Coding is a process that allows humans to set the behavior of the computer by utilizing computer programming language. There are some programming languages that are very popular can be heard such as Python, JavaScript, Java, Swift, Ruby, C, C++, C#, etc. But why everyone is talking about coding and why the encouragement of learning code from kids being spread widely?

Technology around the world has grown rapidly in recent years, Industrial Revolution (IR) 4.0 is introduced. The majority of the technologies involved computers and micro-controller which these electronics brains are programmed by coding. For example:

  • Robot (Vacuum robot, industry robot arm, autonomous guided vehicle (AGV)
  • Computer Software (Computer operating system(OS), Office, design tools)
  • Mobile App (Mobile operating system (OS), E-hailing Service, online shopping)
  • Electrical Appliances (Air-Conditioner and microwave)
  • Calculator
  • Etc..etc…

If your children have no experience in coding and you are afraid that coding is too difficult for your children, don’t worry! Because there are many solutions that only required the student to learn by using drag and drop instead of learning the syntax of the programming language. Those platforms allowed students to create interactive games and stories. Throughout the process of coding using these platforms, children able to explore and discover computational and logical thinking in less tedious way.

3 Things To Know About Scratch 3.0 | by The Scratch Team | The Scratch Team  Blog | Medium
One of the open-source and free platform developed by MIT, US: https://scratch.mit.edu/

Maker, a word that defines a person that design, building, and crafting a project, regardless the project size is small or big, this is mainly to encourage people to learn thinking and problem-solving skills in the process of creating a project. Generally, there must be a reason to motivate a person to make a project, and most of them start from a problem, whereby the maker has to think and solve the challenges during the creation. These projects are not limited to:

  • Woodwork
  • Crafting
  • Electronics
  • Metal Work
  • Mechanism
  • Machine
  • Etc…etc…

For kids to kickstart to learn how to code, of course, the programming language is one of the considerations but most importantly is to develop the interest. Without having interest, coding can be extremely boring, find a structural learning process to begin, the key skills behind programming are still thinking skills such as logical thinking, computational thinking, and problem-solving skills. Because a good programmer is able to create a good algorithm, not just knowing a lot of programming languages.

Learning programming is not compulsory but definitely highly recommended, is not about coding skill itself, it is about the skills behind coding. Challenge your kids, perhaps they are the future Elon Musk!

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