Day 7 of MCO Malaysia, we are not allowed to operate face 2 face. We can see the impact of COVID19 towards the world, not only our country. Death & economy crisis, it is a though period to the world. We should say, the World War 3 is not among the human, is among the human vs virus.

However, we are glad, the members of RoboForce put up our hand and our faith together in this tough period, at the moment that our front line staff is not given up, we should give our hand!

2:00p.m., day 6 of MCO, we’ve found there are lack of medical equipment such as protector, mask etc. We brainstormed and discuss, design, and test. Within 1 hour, we complete the first prototype of our face shield. By using 3D printer we have, we did the very first prototype in short period of time. After that, we start to make a plan, source materials, and produce more face shield.

Today, 50 units of products has been done, 2 units/ 0.5 h0ur, from 1 unit / 0.5 hour. We know is far from behind the demand, but we are not giving up, instead we are going to move on.

Mr. Cavin Tong, our Chief Technology Officer, who design, test and produce this product. 
Mr. Christopher Lim, our Chief Academic Office, who spread the news, sourcing and deliver. 
Mr. Ryan Fu, our Event Manager, who handle the orders from everyone.
To all front line staff, who giving effort to keep the country alive.
To all civilian, thanks for staying home.

At here, we are expressing our greatest gratitude to all the ones collaborated, contributed and giving support to the world.
Thank you.

Let’s put our hope together, to be the victory of the war, we shall win. Stay at home, stay healthy, stay with faith, lets look for the victory of the war vs COVID19

~Ethan Lim~